Unsure what to pack for a country you’ve never visited before and a trip like no other? 

Never fear… we’ll provide a packing checklist for you but here are some additional tips on how to pack wisely so you’re never caught out.

  1. Share the load
    If you’re travelling as a pair, put half your items in each other’s suitcase to minimise the fallout if one bag is delayed or goes missing in transit. Bags with wheels are awesome and a backpack is great if you are hiking or going to be using lots of public transport.  Remember to use luggage locks.
  2. Use all available space
    Stuff socks, underwear, and bits & bobs into your shoes and hat. Remember, ROLL don’t fold!
  3. Packing cells/cubes
    These clever bags allow you to pack twice as much in. You can sort your tops from your bottoms or keep underwear and dirty washing separate from everything else. It also saves embarrassment when underwear falls out during a random customs’ bag inspection!
  4. Sleep mask, ear plugs & ‘Calm’ app
    These are handy on planes, trains and shared hostel rooms – especially if you have a snoring roommate! The ‘Calm’ app is free and can help soothe you to sleep. Don’t forget your headphones so you don’t keep others awake listening to ‘rain’ noises.
  5. Pashmina/sarong
    These multi-use items can double as a blanket, a sunshade, a towel, a warm shawl or be worn as a dress or skirt when visiting places of cultural significance.
  6. Multiplugs
    This will be your best friend and help make YOU everyone else’s best friend. You might only have one chance to charge your electronics each day so a multiplug is extremely useful. A powerpack is also worth taking but remember to pack it in your hand luggage as they’re not allowed in your checked bags.
  7. Protex soap (your second best friend)
    This $1 bar of anti-bacterial soap is a must-have in developing countries. It will also keep the mosquitos at bay as they hate the smell!
  8. Snacks
    Bringing your own snacks will save money and ensure there’s always something on hand you want to eat. But be sure to check what food items you’re legally allowed to bring into the country you’re entering so you avoid any unexpected fines for meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy etc.
  9. Carry on essentials
    A change of clothes and a few pairs of clean underwear are always a good idea just in case your luggage is delayed. We also recommend your carry on bag contains:

    • Passport
    • Insurance documents
    • Printed itinerary (immigration officials often want to see this plus you’ll need accommodation details handy when filling out arrival forms)
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Headphones
    • Sunglasses and reading glasses
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Phone and charger
    • Lip balm
    • Pen
    • Flight socks
    • Personal medication with a letter of authorisation from your doctor to carry it


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